Panels are free with a filmmaker or volunteer badge. We have the first 10 tickets free as well then panels are $15.00


Oct 7 11:30 AM

Women Filmmakers Panel-Trauma & Transformation

w/ Women In Film Los Angeles

Shamanic Trekker-Kristen White

What Doesn’t Kill Me-Rachel Meyrick

The Bridge: Pathways to a Trauma-Informed Community-Patricia Costales

Magic Pills– Ananda Moore


Oct 7 5 PM

How we got into film

Kip & Kern Konwiser- Make It Work Co-Directors



Oct. 8  1 PM

Activism and Film

½ Nelson– Ruben Languren & Daniele Dohring

Beginning of the Road-Jeremiah Thomas

Interference-Alex Jones

The Sounds of War-Joshua Ogner

Michael-C. Thomas Lewis


Oct 9 4 PM

Consciousness and Transform on Screen

May I Be Happy-Helene Walter

Sit Up and Change-Susan Cambigue-Tracey & Scott Powell

Partners in Healing-Mary Katze


October 13th 3 PM



OCT 14  12 PM

Personal Journeys- Storytelling Through Personal Experience

The Road To Dharma-Adam Schomer

The Bus Trip-Sarah Gampel


Climate Countdown-Kaia Rose



Oct 14 2 PM

 Human Trafficking Panel 

w/ WIF Los Angeles

I Am Still Here– Stephenie Bell & Mischa Marcus

SHADE Survivor Leader Advocate-Nola Brantley-Harris

AGAPE International Missions – Representative Rev. Carolyn Wilkins

Ryan A Bell, Erase Child Trafficking


Oct. 14 4:30 PM

Different Abilities-Telling Their Stories of Health

Your Health: A Sacred Matter-Krell Gerald

Un-Inflame Me-Angela Lamb

See Memory-Viviane Silvera

Off-Ramp-Neil Jackson

When I Stutter-John Gomez


Oct. 15 11:30 AM

Women Filmmakers-Looking Through the Lens-First Time Feature Filmmakers

w/ WIF Los Angeles

Adele and Everything After-Melissa Dowler

Cheers of Joy-Nancy Frohman

 Lives Well Lived-Sky Bergman