Panels are free with a filmmaker or volunteer badge. We have the first 10 tickets free as well then panels are $15.00


Sept 29 2:30PM

Shining A Light: Awareness Films

Sept 29 4:30 PM

Abuse is Abuse: Addicted Panel



Sept 30 2:30pm

On A Budget: Short and Sweet Films



Oct 1 5pm

Making Films That Make A Difference Panel


Oct 2 5pm

Steve Maraboli LIVE


Oct 3 5 PM

Different Abilities Panel


Oct 4 5pm

Marketing Panel w/ Concourse Films

Oct 5 4:30PM

LGBTQ+ Panel


Oct 6 2:30 PM

Animal Activist-Panel

Oct. 6 4:30 PM

Environmentally Speaking

Oct 7 1:00 PM

Autism: A Look Beyond

Oct. 7 2:30 PM

Native Wisdom Panel

Oct 7 4:30 PM

Distribution & Marketing Panel