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ExpiredThe Spy Who Knew Me

  • The Spy Who Knew Me
    October 3, 2018
    8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The Spy Who Knew Me

Produced by Chicago-based nonprofit organization, A.B.L.E. (Artists Breaking Limits and Expectations), THE SPY WHO KNEW ME features a cast of 20 young adult actors with Down syndrome in a one of a kind spy adventure.

THE SPY WHO KNEW ME follows super spy Tabitha Link (Rachel Buchanan) and the ladies of the all-female agency, U.N.I.T.E. Chosen at birth and trained by their leader Calliope Trust (Alena Brown), these agents are the best in the world. No one knows Tabitha’s true identity, not even her long-time boyfriend, Tristan Briggs (Andrew Kosnik).

After receiving an anonymous tip, Tabitha and her partner Alessandra Corbata (Marissa Bloodgood) wind up at the scene of a jewelry heist where she sees a familiar face from her past (Magnus Gromwell, played by Sam Radinsky). This launches Tabitha and her fellow spies into a tense investigation. With the help of General Rebecca Hammerdown (Lucy Walsh) and Lt. Thunderball Armstrong (Emily Kwidzinski), and several characters from around the city, they race to connect the dots between a series of jewelry thefts, a top-secret military experiment, and the evil organization E.C.H.O. Can they hold on to who they are and save missing operatives, or will they lose themselves completely?

A.B.L.E. co-founder and teaching artist Lawrence Kern wrote the screenplay for THE SPY WHO KNEW ME with each individual actor’s strengths and personality in mind. Kern, who also directed the film, incorporated monologues the actors wrote themselves about who they are, what they love, and what they can do. Also featuring an original score by Carlos Villalobos (‘Empire’, ‘Baywatch’, ‘Sex & the City’), and several quintessential Chicago locations, THE SPY WHO KNEW ME stresses the importance of holding on to what makes us unique. “People are more than one thing,” Tabitha reminds us, “A world where everyone’s the same, isn’t worth living in.”


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