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ExpiredThe Bridge:Pathways to a Trauma Informed Community

  • The Bridge:Pathways to a Trauma Informed Community
    October 7, 2017
    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The Bridge:Pathways to a Trauma Informed Community

Run time: 29 minutes 26 seconds
Synopsis: “The Bridge: Pathways to a Trauma-Informed Community” is a 28-minute documentary about the effects of poverty on mental health, and how cultivating a trauma-informed community is part of the wider solution for breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty.
Poverty is devastating for so many children and their families, impacting generation after generation as the cycle persists. It’s easy to dismiss theimpact of poverty on a child growing up in a big city, blaming it on the community violence and drugs that are common in urban settings. But even on Catalina Island where violent crime is well below the national average, isolation and poverty are impacting the community’s mental health. Facts and figures abound on these topics, but the human element – the stories of those affected – is often missing from the narrative as is a key piece of the solution to breaking the poverty cycle.

As the opening credits roll, “The Bridge: Pathways to a Trauma-Informed Community” plunges viewers into the lives of real people with real struggles in the urban city of Long Beach and the rural, resort town of Avalon on Catalina Island. A woman recalls the violent abuse she endured by her children’s father. A single mother sits with her young son. Through tears she explains how her son wanted to kill himself. Another describes therealization that experiencing homelessness doesn’t have to be normal, being hungry or having your kids taken from you doesn’t have to be normal.

“The Bridge: Pathways to a Trauma-Informed Community” tells the story of shared human experiences with poverty in two cities, one urban and one rural. Through interviews with six families striving to break the intergenerational cycle and 11 concerned community leaders working to revolutionize the way institutions handle poverty, facts are humanized, numbers are turned into the faces they represent, and viewers are empowered with a trauma-informed lens in which to see those affected and help positively change the course of people’s lives for generations to come.

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