ExpiredMaking Waves: Rebirth of the Golden Rule

  • Making Waves: Rebirth of the Golden Rule
    October 2, 2018
    8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Making Waves: Rebirth of the Golden Rule

In 1958, four Quaker peace activists set sail for the Marshall Islands—the US nuclear testing zone—to alert the world to the devastating effects of the bomb on people and the environment. When the crew was arrested and jailed in Hawaii, public outcry for their release sparked a movement that led to the signing of the Limited Test Ban Treaty in 1963. Sixty years later, Veterans for Peace has restored this historic wooden boat and embarked on a new mission to end the global arms race. Shot on board the Golden Rule during a protest of the Navy’s Air and Sea show in San Diego Bay, the film features interviews of veterans whose stories illuminate the true costs of warfare.


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