2018 Grand Jury Awards
Narrative Feature: Shooting In Vain
Documentary Feature: The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo
Narrative Short: I’m Just Here
Documentary Short: An Undeniable Voice
Student Film : Evidence
Music Video : Beyond the Border

2018 Audience Awards:
Narrative Feature: The Spy Who Knew Me
Documentary Feature: Conscious Light
Narrative Short: Two Sides
Documentary Short: We Are Strong
Student Film: Boys in the Boat
Youth Film: Inner Thoughts
Music Video: Go!

Special Jury Awards:
Impact Award: Skid Row Marathon
Cinematography: Madagaskira
Consciousness Award: Joel S. Goldsmith: The Man and his Message
Emerging Filmmaker Award: Libby Spears; Living Music
Best Virtual Reality: The Being VR
Innovation Award: Hush Little Baby
Uplifting Award: Baca: the River
Animation Award: The Laws of the Universe: Part 1
Courage Award: Becoming Free
Karma Award: We Are One
Best Director: Emmanuel Itier We The People
Activist Award: Ashley Bell, Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story



“The Mayor’s Race”


Sweet Yoyo




Heart of Gold


Whoever You Are


“A World of Difference: El Paso, TX”


“A World of Difference: Sedalia, MO”


I remember..


Being Here – A beginner’s guide to non-duality


World Peace


Another Shore


Ruxi: The Road To Slavery




Forgotten Bayou


Chavismo: The Plague of the XXI Century


Like Glass


Last Resort


For Clara


The Alien Trail


Bent On Somnolence


Christians of Palestine, Life Behind the Wall


PATIRI in the promised land




Back to Camp




Curing a Genocide






Syria- The Impossible Revolution